Studying Abroad

How it works

Inspirus Global Education makes applying to college simple by offering personalized support throughout the process. Connecting students with their ideal college match is only the start of the process.

  1. Explore Universities
    Find the right fit for you
  2. Meet your advisor
    Connect with our specialists
  3. Get your offer
    Start your new adventure
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Studying Abroad

For Students

Finding the right education route and applying to University is complicated, and we’ve worked hard to make it simple, with guidance, transparency and trust throughout the process. Our Education Consultants are here to help you find and connect with the best match for you.

  1. Search and compare schools
  2. Connect with our Education Consultants
  3. Start your Study Abroad journey

For Universities

Through our sister company Inspirus Sports, Inspirus Global Education has established deep partnerships with top universities and schools in the USA, UK and Ireland. Join our network of partner educational institutions and reach a diversified global audience of students.

For Recruitment Partners

Inspirus Global Education offers best in class tools and support to manage your student's journey. Access search and compare tools for the top US, UK and Irish universities with expert support from our skilled advisors.